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Feb 28, 2010 at 02:01 AM

ImageSatisfying the demands of people who make a living making music, responding to the specific, often unique demands of live performers with competitive prices: this is not just a dream. It is the philosophy behind QUBE, a range of speaker systems, power amplifiers and processor modules. The result is a comprehensive, expandable and fully reliable PA system with incredible sound quality and a versatility that makes it ideal for permanent installation as well as road use. The Qube project — dedicated to professionals who won’t settle for second best.

Sound Quality

QUBE series speakers are the optimum solution for live performances, whether in small and intimate venues, or in big open air arenas where thousands of watts are needed. The series offers high quality and high fidelity sound reproduction thanks to components specifically designed for the QUBE system. So you can perform well and be heard well, relying on top quality sound reproduction even at high power, show after show, night after night.

UpGrade Options

The modularity and flexibility of the QUBE range enables users to continually expand their systems at a minimum cost, “navigating” through the configuration options as they please… options which are all obtainable simply by integrating their existing systems. Start with a pair of speakers, and later as needs change, it is a simple matter to increase the power of the system by adding a final stage and another pair of speakers; alternatively, the addition of a pair of subwoofers with a final stage provides a truly comprehensive system in terms of frequency response.


Those who claim to offer a professional PA system must guarantee the reliability of their components. The Qube engineers have made no compromises on this front. The inclusion of protective circuitry on the crossover filter limits excess power supplied to the driver, preventing any damaging “Larsen” effects. For those who want an additional level of protection, the controller limits power when the woofer runs the risk of overheating or when movement of the cone is so great as to alter or even damage its mechanical characteristics. The same attention to detail has been given to amplifiers, with protection circuits to preventing direct current, overheating and accidental short-circuiting at the output.


For those not content even with the matchless specifications of QUBE speakers, the digital controller further enhance performance, optimising sound, reliability and flexibility. Indeed the processor has been designed to allow active optimisation of the already impressive frequency response through “ad hoc” equalisation of each individual speaker, to optimise reliability by protecting woofers in the same way as drivers, and to process audio signals by separating the part of the signal directed to the full-range speakers from that directed to the subwoofers. By an internal switch all the fullrange passive speakers can be split into active ways.